Number of vehicles
Quantity per vehicle
Total sticker
  • Support : non-permanent white vinyl
  • diameter : 400 mm
  • Printing : Color
  • Numbers sequence : see customise
  • Production : 3 to 5 working days after payment
  • Minimum delivery (Belgium) : 1 business day
  • Details and delivery expenses : see FAQ
0€ TTC25€ TTC


Complements perfectly the decoration of cars during a tourist rally or a car race.
Available by 1 or set of 2, 3 or 4 pieces per number; depending on the number of identical stickers you want to put on the vehicles.
You can choose to place these numbers on the side doors, the front and rear hood.
We use a easily repositionable vinyl, which leaves no trace of glue on the body if it is removed in the days following the event.
The stickers are pre-cut for easier installation.

Customisation :
This template has a specific area for downloading the file that you created on your computer.
After downloading, your image can be automatically resized or not proportionally to the frame.